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For eyeglass wearers, photochromic lenses that switch from clear eyeglasses to darkened sunglasses are available. Check with an eyewear store about this option. Online, you’ll find photochromic options from retailers like REI and Sunglass Hut.. “I couldn’t find the exact kind of cat eye [frame] I was looking for, and I thought, ‘Maybe I’ll just make it.’ So I made three of them and put them out and they sold out that week,” says Mosh Designs’s Sara Moshurchak, who is also an optician and the owner of Vancouver retailer Eyeland Framemakers. What started as a quest for her own personalized glamorous silhouette has turned into a full fledged handmade eyewear business. “You can have a really nice suit, but if it’s not tailored well, it’s not going to look good,” Moshurchak says, explaining her brand’s attention to fit.

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In this Wednesday, Dec. Following the theft, discovered in November of 2016, of many of the company’s costumes, ballet companies from a number of states across the country reached out to offer help and sent costumes to Providence for the Nutcracker performances. The snow queen costume was sent from Kansas City Ballet.

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