Summer in the City

For some, escaping into the city IS the summer getaway fantasy. A long weekend in an urban jungle filled with shopping, bistro brunches with pommes frites, dinner at hip restaurants with rooftop settings, and dancing all night in renovated warehouse clubs can do wonders for the suburban soul.

Summer in the City according to Garance Dore

Like most travel scenarios, blending in and mixing with the “natives” is ideal. As a bonafide city mouse, I can testify that urban dwellers have a keen eye for detecting visitors. The art to being city chic is based on versatility, wearability and creativity. The approach is effortless, far more utilitarian than you might expect and yet deeply rooted in an understanding of real luxury (texture, quality, cut as opposed to label). Read up on what to pack. It’s a concise list because anything else you might need you can buy!

The naming game

Handbags, like babies and pets yearn to be named – perhaps a marketing instinct to distinguish themselves from the others on the display table.

Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin

Some bags are named after places (“City”), occupations (“Spy”), food (“Baguette”), streets (“Madison”) and possibly bears (“Paddington”). Most handbags are named after women:  Alexa, Lucy, Clare, Phoebe, and of course “Birkin”.